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Invalid Licence Error and Solution

If you change IP of your website, your license become invalid because licenses are set to work on the IP address wherever they will be used for the first time. If you want to change your website's IP address or if you want to use your license on another website, you can reissue your license so it will be ready to use on any host and any IP address. After first use, IP and hostname will be saved again.

If you've modified your website to run on more than one IP address, you must send us IP addresses so we can set your license to work on these IP addresses.

You can reissue your license from your client area.

If it is not working anyway, you must edit your php.ini and remove file_get_contents command from disable_functions and/or set allow_url_fopen on. This module requires to be allow_url_fopen=on as it is fetching text data from our licensing server and clickatell api to send SMS. These settings won't cause any security issues on your webserver.

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